"A hero is someone who paves the way for others to succeed."

To paraphrase this quote by Stephen Mansfield: Individuals, families, and businesses who choose to partner financially with Called to Greatness are heroes!

Your generosity makes all of this world-changing transformation possible. It gives you the ability to personalize your giving by teaming up with the ministry of a specific individual, or you can also partner with Called to Greatness corporately to fuel our expansion to new campuses and increase our impact at current locations.

All gifts are income tax deductible.


Whether you would like to give as a guest or have a giving account you would like to login to, click on the GIVE button below. If you want to login and view your current giving arrangements, click "LOGIN" at the top right corner of the page after the link.

To give by check or money order, please include the account number (see below) in the memo line and mail to: PO Box 550, Lawrence, KS 66044.


NameAccount #
Lorenzo, Rich2020
Brinson, Torrie178
Hall, Mari180
Hickman, Ryan 100
McGinnis, Barbara 191
General Funds 25
Saturate Kansas 2020
Baker University
NameAccount #
Lorenzo, Rich2020
Kansas State University
NameAccount #
Hupp, Jonathan104
Brinson, Jesse & Torrie107
Downey, Brendan188
Partridge, Michael & Baily180
Kaufman, Susannah187
Chacey, Emma209
University of Kansas
NameAccount #
Lim, Cheh112
Wuellner, Alec & Nicci179
Irby, Max175
Woodruff, Kyle166
McGinnis, Barbara 191
Wilcox, Quinten203
Davis, Riley207
Bertels, Michael199
Oni, Tijesu 211


Kansas City Area
NameAccount #
Gepford, Burton 143
Perry, Ruthie & Trevor 136
Washburn University
NameAccount #
Hickman, Ryan100
Huffman, Jerod193
Walls, Dillon195
Basye, Brett196
Wederski, Michaela204